courthouse lofts tsongas award

Trinity Management’s Courthouse Lofts Recognized for the 2022 Paul & Niki Tsongas Award

Trinity Management’s Courthouse Lofts are honored to have been included amongst this year’s recipients of the Paul & Niki Tsongas Award. Courthouse Lofts, amongst eight other nominees, have been recognized for displaying the highest level of commitment towards historic preservation in Massachusetts. With historic preservation at the center of the 2021 Worcester County Courthouse restoration project, Courthouse Lofts is proud to be recognized with the 2022 Paul & Niki Tsongas Award, which was granted by Preservation Massachusetts.

Preservations Massachusetts is a historic preservation organization whose goal is to preserve the state of Massachusetts’ rich historic heritage. Striving towards their mission, the organization partakes in statewide historic advocacy, legislation initiatives, and educational efforts. In addition, Preservation Massachusetts hosts a series of annual awards that celebrate organizations, projects, and people who display a commitment to historic preservation across the Commonwealth. Courthouse Lofts is thrilled to celebrate their 2022 nomination and win for their annual Paul & Niki Tsongas Award, which is considered the organization’s highest honor. Amongst these awards is also the People’s Preservation Choice Award, which Courthouse Lofts had the honor of being nominated for this year as well.

The Tsongas Award is named for the awards first recipient, Senator Paul Tsongas. In 2016, Preservation Massachusetts expanded the award to recognize Congresswoman Niki Tsongas’ preservation efforts throughout the state. Given to projects and people that display the highest level of commitment towards historic preservation, Courthouse Lofts was recognized amongst winners for their 2021 transformation of the former Worcester County Courthouse.

In partnership with The Architecture Team (TAT), Trinity Management undertook the project with the goal of addressing the current housing crisis. The 1800s courthouse located in the heart of Worcester was completely transformed into a 118 unit mixed-income housing property. At the same time, historic preservation of the state’s iconic landmark was a key focal point of the innovative project. The redesign embraced the classic Beaux-style architecture of the 19th century and classic built-in courthouse features, creating an impressive blend of modern living and historic preservation. In addition, Courthouse Lofts maintains its historic legacy, even featuring a museum within the property The Architecture Team’s senior project manager, Phil Renzi, reflected on the project, saying:

“Courthouse Lofts is one of the most extraordinary adaptive reuse projects our firm has taken on…Our design team faced the challenge of restoring and combining multiple historic structures from different centuries into a single community, and the result is truly exceptional. This community combines the best of modern living with monumental and exquisitely detailed historic architecture.”

With historic preservation having played an important role in the creation of Courthouse Lofts, we are honored to have been recognized by Preservation Massachusetts. Being included amongst the incredible group of 2022 Paul & Niki Tsongas Award recipients is a true honor and reflection of our commitment towards celebrating the rich history and culture of Worcester.