Trinity Management Recognized in Affordable Housing News for Recent Mixed Income Redevelopments

With over 6,500 residential units and 538,500 square feet of commercial and retail space, Trinity Management continues to grow the affordable housing supply throughout the East Coast. Recently, the Affordable Housing News (AHN) recognized Trinity Management’s contribution to easing the housing burden with new mixed income developments. From New York to East Boston, the Trinity Management team delivers exceptional property management services to all residents, regardless of income levels. AHN spotlighted a few specific properties that have recently come to market or are in the final phase of development.

425 Grand Concourse in the Bronx, New York is a gorgeous 26 story apartment building that contains 277 units available to residents earning between 30-130% AMI. Additionally, the apartment building achieves exceptional sustainability standards that will make it the largest Passive House in North America.

Brookfield Commons in White Plains, New York is being co-developed with the White Plains Housing Authority and ultimately will consist of 129 mixed-income units, along with a great community space for residents.

Trinity Management started development on a new property in the Orient Heights neighborhood in East Boston, which is part of the Boston Housing Authority’s plan to build over 300 affordable housing units.

Finally, Trinity Management is developing a mixed-use apartment complex in the new Enterprise Block in downtown Brockton. The apartment building will offer a combination of 215 affordable and market rate units, along with adding a new parking garage, ground floor retail space and an artist exhibition space for the local community to enjoy.

At Trinity Management, community is at the heart of the company’s growth. From taking a team first approach to developing and maintaining residential real estate properties to engaging with residents to support employment opportunities, the leadership team embodies the ethos that it takes a village to not only survive, but thrive. Maribel C. Batista, the Chief Operating Officer of Trinity Management, describes the team effort required to instill collaboration and build lasting relationships.

“I don’t see myself as the head of anything. I consider myself a team member just like everybody else. A lot of decisions that we make here, I make them collectively with the team…we talk about everything, and we make decisions together as a group.”

The collaborative approach led to a continuity during the pandemic, as she notes about 95% of the team remained with the company. That allowed the team to continue working on these new development projects that ultimately helped Trinity Management accomplish their goal of reducing housing issues and supporting local communities. In fact, the team designed a program to support their residents and community by offering employment opportunities to tenants. Ms. Batista notes how the difficulty in finding staff led to working with residents.

“Because we have not been able to find qualified candidates, we’re trying to find them within our own resident community…we’re going to train them ourselves to come and work for the company. We’re creating our own talent.”

In addition to supporting residents, Trinity supports the local community by hosting food and clothing drives, along with wellness clinics and other health checks. By developing a reputation for providing exceptional living experiences, along with supporting the community, Trinity continues to grow its relationships with officials to develop more properties in the future.