Holyoke High Realty

Apartments in Holyoke, Massachusetts


168 High Street
Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040

Fax: 413-538-5947
Property Manager: Denise Bousquet

About Holyoke High Realty

Holyoke High Reality is the name for a number of properties in downtown Holyoke, including the historic Transcript building and the equally historic Caledonian. All are red brick, well-maintained, and part of the story of a city on the rebound.

There are six buildings in all. They contain 12 storefronts, 22 offices and 45 apartments. The apartment mix includes 29 one-bedrooms, 7 two-bedrooms, 2 huge lofts, and 8 studio apartments.

The lofts are beautiful, with 1700 square feet of space, hardwood floors, modern appliances, granite counters, a long breakfast bar, two bathrooms, a laundry, and huge windows that allow one to enjoy the magnificent views of Holyoke, South Hadley and even a little bit of Chicopee.

There are a number of other apartments that have also been renovated to include up-to-date kitchens, hardwood floors, and more. They are spacious, and many have high ceilings and huge windows.  All are market rate. Section 8 vouchers are welcomed.

At least in part because young people have discovered the advantages of urban living, Holyoke and other older cities have been rallying. Holyoke High Realty properties boast a central location. The bus station is one block away, making transportation easy. The library and the Holyoke Health Center are nearby. There are lots of Mom and Pop shops and a number of restaurants. The nearby Veterans Park has been beautifully redone, making it a picturesque haven for the residents.

The Holyoke High Reality storefronts include the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, a chiropractor, an attorney, a couple of accountants, a hair salon, a candy store and a handbag retailer, and more. The management will welcome you to this revitalized city with the hope you will become part of its success story.

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