courthouse lofts rethinking the future award runner up

Courthouse Lofts & The Architectural Team Earns Runner Up in the 2022 Rethinking the Future Awards

Trinity Management’s Courthouse Lofts, along with The Architectural Team (TAT), has been awarded runner-up in the 2022 Rethinking The Future Awards. The Courthouse Lofts project, along with others nominees for the award, were recognized for innovation and excellence in architecture and design. Rethinking The Future recognized TAT’s work as a top-tier example of transforming something old into something new and relevant, while impressively maintaining historical character. And with historical restoration a key element to the project, Courthouse Lofts and Trinity Management are proud to have the downtown Worcester property recognized for the feat on such a prominent platform.

Rethinking the Future is a worldwide platform for architecture and design with a mission to promote excellence within the field. Along with showcasing the latest projects and offering a high quality design journal, the platform hosts a series of annual awards that celebrate great architectural achievements and works of excellence. Amongst these awards is the Rethinking the Future Award, recognized as one of the most renowned awards in the field of architecture and design. This year, the 2022 Rethinking The Future Award saw over 1,200 registrations that spanned more than 50 countries. Amongst these registrations was The Architecture Team, who led the restoration of the historic Worcester County Courthouse into what is now a residential apartment property – Courthouse Lofts.

Completed in 2021, the Courthouse Lofts project was led by The Architectural Team, an architecture firm based out of Chelsea, MA. TAT, along with the property’s developer, Trinity Management, embarked on the project with the goal to address the current housing crisis. Thoughtfully maintaining the landmark’s historical integrity, they set forth on transforming the 1800s property into something new and useful for current and future generations. The old courthouse was intricately converted into 118 apartment units, with the design preserving the built-in courthouse characteristics and classic Beaux-style architecture of the 19th century. TAT innovatively incorporated modern features that both give new use of the building and tastefully pay homage to its rich history.

With the success of the project, TAT and Trinity Management are thrilled to have Courthouse Lofts recognized for the innovation and design that was at the center of the transformation. Being a runner-up in the Rethinking the Future Award is a true reflection of the project and an honor for all involved.